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From Naming to Packaging Design for premium
cosmetics based on Brazilian Wax
From Naming to Packaging Design for premium cosmetics based on Brazilian Wax

How do you
bring beauty from
Amazon to Europe
How do you bring beauty from Amazon to Europe
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Brand Story

AIJA KOSMETIK creates premium cosmetics based on Brazilian wax, a type of wax that is highly appreciated in the skin care industry. They approached us for the branding process with the purpose of adding value to their products, of connecting and engaging the target market, particularly women. During the briefing process, we researched the origins of Brazilian wax. We found out that the tribes from the Amazon created this wax, which was used by men to make skin soft. Thus, when injured, it was much simpler to clean the wounds and avoid infection. Women started to use it too and, in time, it became a health and beauty product. We set out to create a brand that would capture the origins of Brazilian wax and make people feel the natural beauty coming from the Amazon.

Brand Strategy

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Because most other cosmetic brands use photos of women wearing bikinis and thus fall into a lack of originality and differentiation, we chose to go for an original approach that would make the brand unique and easy to recognize thanks to its joyful mood.

From the beginning, the brand stood out as an experienced and professional manufacturer of Brazilian wax, straight from the origins. We accomplished this through naming, tribal lettering, wonderful colors and tribal symbols. As part of the AIJA KOSMETIK branding, the Amazon Collection was developed as a category and 3 types of products were named after Amazon tribes Akawaio, Saluma and Jebero.

Logo Design & Identity

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Lettering, Colors

The logo symbol is an interpretation of the popular flower Vitória-régia, the largest water lily in the world, a native of the Amazon River. The logo symbol once established, the idea was to express the colored Amazon and the Brazilian joy. We achieved this through multiple bright colors and handmade brush lettering.

Through custom graphic design, we set up the Amazon environment with tribal drawings that symbolize the flora and fauna of the Amazon. The freedom of love is present, as portrayed by the discreet dancing couple by the river. Each base color will correspond to a specific tribe and product.

Packaging Design

Having the brand set up, we crafted the packaging with the purpose of communicating on the front of the packaging, in the original language, WAX do Brazil as the main element, given its hero-product attribute.

The differentiation was achieved through the tribes and colors, whilst keeping the same line of design from box to cans. Having unique forms of design permitted us to go with a monochromatic layout for the cans.

The branding structure, as we designed it, allowed space for other complementary products to be developed using the same graphic concept. AIJA COSMETIK is now able to handle a larger variety of products for the skin care segment.