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We offer tailored branding services for each project. Our brandhow brings life to your brand, counters competitors and is always plugged into emerging interaction channels and market tastes.

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A logo is just the stepping stone for a brand. Creating a responsive audience requires making a cultural bridge between your company and the community. We combine strategy with design to create meaningful branding experience.

Baseline Evaluation, Research, Branding Strategy, Logo Design, Visual Identity & Assets, Marketing Materials, Brand Guidelines

UI/UX & Websites

UX/UI reveals expressive design which creates an emotional link between your brand and its users, in a digital layout. We boost brand experience with the added flow of user attraction.

Initial Evaluation, Discovery & Strategy, Information Architecture, Visual & UX / UI Design, Web Development, Responsive, SEO & Support
Branding Services Web Design Brandhow
Branding Services Package Design Brandhow

Packaging Design

A three-dimension mix between colors, graphics and shapes create an eye-arresting product presence, taking it off the shelf in record time. Tailored package design will make your brand noticed in seconds.

Initial Evaluation, Market Discovery, Product Branding Strategy, Prototype Design, Branching the Design, Expressive Revision, Design Support

Brand Support

We go the extra mile to make sure your brand stays true to its values and audience. We keep the pace of brand and business with our brandhow. Work with us for brand footprints made to last.

Brand Assimilation, Market Research, Discovery & Strategy, Marketing Materials, Digital Innovation, Multimedia Production, Sub-branding
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