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Drawing customers' attention takes a few seconds. We make that glance matter, singling out your product from first view on the shelf. Drawing customers' attention takes a few seconds. We make that glance matter, singling out your product from first view on the shelf.



Initial Evaluation

Each product has its own personality and is associated with specific values expressed by packaging design. At the beginning we determine your current position. We assess the brand that stands behind the product, its status: if it is a new product or needs to be relaunched within the current trends.
We are here to turn your product into something that people not only find interesting, but beat the competition right up to the point of choice and sale.


Market Discovery

We combine consumer with competitor research. It’s essential to know what moves your target audience, so that we can tailor your product’s look to fit in with a meaningful design. Getting closer to your customers will bring added benefits through an astounding design. Winning on the shelf is about getting into the audience’s shoes, understanding reactions and perceptions within the market context. Researching your competitors’ landscape helps us highlight the aspects which could spread new opportunities for your products.

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Product Branding Strategy

The right goals will bring on successful communication with people, revealed in final buying patterns. We analyze whether the product is new or if it has to follow established brand guidelines. If the product is not part of a brand we come up with the right branding strategy. If it already belongs to an established brand we keep the set standards and, through design, we ensure the low/medium/high positioning in its commercial area. Effective strategy requires a simple and genuine approach. The final design will make you the buyer’s choice within seconds.

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Prototype Design

After collecting ideas directly related to your product, it’s time to give them a shape. Our team achieves attractive designs which not only catch the eye, but are effective saleswise. We provide the needed boost from a nice-looking design to commercial packaging that meets business goals. Design unites values and quality within a creative/innovative concept that makes your product stand out on the shelf.


Branching the Design

We create a flexible design, which will allow for new products to be added to the same category or line. This ensures you stay true to brand values, while having an attractive product which draws attention and consumer loyalty by being integrated with common values and patterns for packaging. We bring you a complete design by following the regulations for display, making ingredients visible and adding all the required elements which define your product.

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Expressive Revision

On the way to a great product look we continue with a revision stage. This is the time to meet and discuss the design. We simulate the design close to the product’s environment and we include similar products in this exercise, for you to see how the category stands as a whole. Thus you can be on the same page with your audience, receptive to what they seek to discover or rely on in the products available for sale. Your feedback will play an essential role in the whole process because the product label and packaging have to be in unison with our common goals.


Design Support

We offer further support for product design by providing various materials which will improve visibility. We identify promotional opportunities in different areas, through print or digital. You can benefit from posters, brochures, custom-created landing page, commercial flyers, display stands for fairs or other occasions, sales messages and a variety of supplemental packages, related to specific events.

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